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Welcome to Smith & Smith Ranch

A Tradition of Ranching Since 1854


 The Smith & Smith Ranch Family


Five Generations of Ranching

Smith & Smith Ranch is a family-owned ranch since 1854 that specializes in grass-fed free range beef. Our historic ranch is located in the rolling oak woodlands of the Sierra foothills in Nevada County California, where we have been ranching for 170 years. Our commitment to quality, long term land management, and animal welfare is at the heart of everything we do.


What We Offer

Free Range Beef


Ranching Legacy

At Smith & Smith Ranch, we take pride in offering only the highest quality grass-fed natural beef. Our Black Angus/Hereford cattle are chosen for their hybrid-vigor, temperament on the range, and most of all, their ability to convert wild grass into a superior tasting lean meat.  Raised without hormones or feed additives, our cattle are free to roam our pastures and graze on natural grasses.


Our cattle are born, raised and spend there entire life here on our 500+ acre ranch.

We believe that careful ranching practices are essential for the health of our animals, our land, our community, and our legacy.

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