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Beef Orders

Grass-Fed Pasture Raised Beef

Beef Orders are full this year. Contact us to be put on the wait list for next year!

Our Cattle

At Smith & Smith Ranch, we've been raising cattle since 1854. Our small herd of about 60 cattle (Black Angus with about 5% Hereford) are grass-fed and supplemented with alfalfa during the summer and fall.  Our cattle are born and raised on the ranch and are never transported to other areas, which means our herd spends their days grazing on our pastures and resting beneath the shade of giant heritage blue oak tress.  As many of our friends say, "Happy cows come from S&S Ranch."  This results in lean beef that is not only delicious but also healthier for you. We take pride in providing our family, friends, and customers with high-quality natural lean beef that they can feel good about eating.

Beef Orders

We sell whole grass finished animals for $3,000. Price includes processing from USDA certified processer and delivery to your butcher. Animals are limited and a waiting list is started if we are out of stock.  Many of our customers split a whole animal with family and friends. 

  • Animals are processed between 950 and 1050 pounds. Yielding approximately 350# to 400# of prime cuts and ground beef. Weights depend on cuts chosen, bone-in/bone-out, etc.

  • A $500 deposit is due to hold an animal and the remainder is due before an animal is processed.  

  • You choose your custom cuts with the butcher and pay butcher cut/wrap fees.  If you do not have a preferred butcher, we can help you select one.  Note that butcher costs vary, but most butchers charge by the pound.  Current butcher rates range from about $1.25 to $1.60 per pound based on the weight of the processed animal as delivered by the USDA processer from the Ranch.  Butchers refer to this as "hanging weight."  The hanging weight of our animals is usually between 600 and 675 pounds.

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